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Headquartered in Monroe County IL, Wiedman Law Ltd. represents clients throughout the state. The firm is a general practice firm handling transactions, litigation, contracts, and disputes.

Most people do not look forward to having to hire a lawyer, especially if you are dealing with a stressful and difficult situation in your life. In addition, many people elect to go it alone rather than hiring an expensive lawyer - which can be a critical mistake. Call us. We will provide the estimated cost of services up front so you can make an informed decision as to whether you should go it alone, or hire a qualified lawyer.

It is critical that you know your lawyer is working diligently on your behalf, with only your best interests in mind.

Michelle Wiedman is someone you can trust to fight for you. Rates are fair and billing is honest.

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Areas of Practice

REAL ESTATE and construction

Commercial and residential - whether you or your business is buying, selling, leasing, developing, subdividing, rezoning property, building a new home or business location. There are contracts to review, agreements to be made. A Competent attorney can protect you from pitfalls you may not see coming. Call us.

personal injury

Perhaps you were in an auto accident, you slipped and fell, or were bitten by a dog - you need to consult an attorney to help identify who is responsible for your injury and how best to recover your damages. There are multiple ways to recover dollars for the injury you have suffered, but there is a statute of limitations which will run if you do not act quickly. Consult a competent lawyer right away. Call us.

Corporate and contracts drafting

Whether you are starting a new business, contracting for goods or services, or offering your goods or services to others, a solid contract is the place to start. The devil is always in the details. It is critical that the contract you are signing reflects your intentions and protects you from future loss. Call us.

workers' compensation

Workers' Compensation is usually the only source of recovery to you if you are injured at work. The laws are complicated and you need an attorney. Do not think the Comp provider is looking out for you, they are not. Their job is to minimize your recovery, which could mean you lose hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Protect yourself, protect your family. Call us.

general litigation and insurance

Unfortunately, litigation does arise. Maybe your neighbor is suing you or you had work done at your home that was defective. Perhaps an insurance company has breached its contract with you or you have been defrauded by a bad actor. If you have found yourself in the middle of a dispute that you cannot settle on your own. You need an attorney that will go to bat for you. Call us.

consumer fraud

Did a business lie to you, not fulfill its promise, or falsely advertise and you were injured or lost money? Consumer fraud laws have teeth. If someone or some business has lied to you or you suffered harm as a result of your engagement with a business, call us.


Laws are not invented. They grow out of circumstances.
— Azarias


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